Hop Stars

Hop Stars

Hop Stars is the Hop’s preeminent student performing arts social program.

Hey, Dartmouth students!
The Hop Stars program encourages undergraduate students to experience live performances and films and bring their creativity to life. Receive free food and tickets while hanging out with other students interested in the arts. Meet industry experts and get an insider’s view of the Hop.

Hop Stars agree to:

  • Help promote Hop performances through social media and word of mouth
  • Write for Hopbackstage, the Hop blog—short show reviews, interesting arts anecdotes, or anything Hop-related
  • Share feedback about your experience in the program
  • Be a positive member of a group excited to experience and engage with the arts at Dartmouth
  • Attend select Hop performances (remember, as a Hop Star, your ticket is free!)
Hop Stars inspiration

Hop Stars (formerly Arts Ambassadors)

Arts Ambassadors has been awesome! I LOVED meeting all the artists and being introduced to new artists and new genres. It’s eye opening and it’s been the highlight of my freshman experience so far! Irene Lee ‘19

A Performance-Viewing Club

Hop Stars tickets

Free ticket to each Hop Star event


Students are invited to join the Hop Stars program each year

Hop Stars events

Performances include visiting artists, film and student performances