Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra

Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra

Sophisticated repertoire, student soloists and sold-out houses have given the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra (DSO) a growing regional reputation for excellence in performing and programming.

"When I joined the orchestra l realized it was a 'family' experience; it was great to feel like I belonged and was part of the DSO community. The orchestra has a very high standard of music performance and I find that satisfying." —Eleni Mora '18 

The resident orchestra of the Hopkins Center at Dartmouth College, DSO's powerful performances have made it a major hit with area music lovers, who appreciate not having to travel to the city to enjoy a high-quality evening at the symphony. Conducted by Filippo Ciabatti, the DSO is dedicated to the performance of standard works from the symphonic repertoire, while also including a few works off the beaten path.

The DSO rehearses on Mondays 7:30 to 9:30 pm and Thursdays from 7 to 9 pm, and has approximately five sectionals per term, on Sunday afternoons.

2019/20 DSO Roster


2019 Templeton Prize

Full-length coverage of the 2019 Templeton Prize ceremony honoring theoretical physicist and cosmologist Marcelo Gleiser on Wednesday, May 29, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium in New York City. 

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This past winterim as some Dartmouth students sat on couches, the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra undertook a 10-day concert tour of Italy, along with Hop members at the “Bentley Fellow” level and above...

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