The Coast at Dartmouth

Coast Jazz Orchestra at Dartmouth

Coast members explore the full spectrum of jazz and creative music, from early pioneers to today's brightest voices.

"We always have a blast. There's something cathartic about playing music with a group of people you love." —Hannah O'Flynn '15 

Composed almost entirely of non-music majors, the Coast is dedicated to the idea that a large group of people improvising together, exploring ideas and making choices in real time can be a transformative experience.

In its rich history, the ensemble has hosted a diversity of guest artists, from jazz legends like Max Roach, Dexter Gordon and Clark Terry; to leaders of the avant-garde like Sun Ra, Don Cherry and Lester Bowie; to Latin jazz masters like Eddie Palmieri and Jerry and Andy Gonzales. This tradition continues with visits from some of the most acclaimed figures in today's creative music scene such as Nicole Mitchell, Kris Davis and Mary Halvorson.

Each term brings a new themewhether the focus is on a particular composer or historical period, a collaboration with guests or other Hop Ensembles, or the annual senior feature concert, with repertoire chosen by its graduating students.

Coast rehearsals are held Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7 to 9 pm, in Hartman Rehearsal Hall in the Hop.

Updates from the Coast

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October 9, 2019

Taylor Ho Bynum's 'Ambiguity Manifesto' Is A Playground For Jazz Improvisers

Behind The Ambiguity Manifesto - Taylor Ho Bynum 9-tette

Decades of Improvisational Music

Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble fact

The Coast remains one of the longest continuously running college jazz ensembles in history

Taylor Ho Bynum at the Hop

Director Taylor Ho Bynum has traveled thousands of miles on a bicycle to give concerts

Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble fact

Coast members are almost exclusively non-music majors

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