Film School Series - Hopkins Center at Dartmouth


Masterworks, special guests and connections to Dartmouth.

These classics, rare gems, alumni work and shows with live guests are programmed in direct collaboration with Dartmouth classes, student groups and campus centers. 

As usual, the winter awards season is happily filled with new works by master artists. City of God director Fernando Meirelles returns with a winning drama about papal succession in The Two Popes (Jan 19)—powered by Best Actor-worthy performances from both Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce. Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci make a formidable trio in Martin Scorsese's new mob drama The Irishman (Jan 26). Director Pedro Almodóvar delivers a semi-autobiographical portrait of an artist grappling with a mid-life crisis in Pain and Glory (Jan 26 & 31). Bong Joon-hoo's satire thriller Parasite (Jan 24 & 30) is our bet for Best International Feature. Designed to approximate a one-shot odyssey through the depravity and utter terror of World War, Sam Mendes's 1917 (Feb 23) puts you in the trenches. Clint Eastwood's Richard Jewell (Feb 28) is the latest in his focus on ordinary men caught up in extraordinary circumstances.

We believe film has the power to broaden and deepen perspectives, spark creativity and bring people together in dialogue about important issues. While we can't accommodate every request every term, we strive to engage the entire campus throughout the year. The DFS continues to meet weekly to discuss the films at the Hop and offer programming ideas—but that is just the beginning of how we partner with student groups! If you are a Dartmouth student or professor and have ideas for films that connect to your course or group, please feel free to email Hop Film.

Upcoming #FilmSchool Films

Upcoming #FilmSchool Films